Get creative and confident with your camera

You’ll be able to take amazing photos for the rest of your life, with just a few essential skills!


The fastest way to get better photos isn’t by buying a new, expensive camera. It’s by learning how to control the one you have!

Not a techy?  Me either!  I learned a lot in college art school but the best way I learned was the tough way and probably the smartest way:

by doing it!

Learning the technical stuff about your camera can be frustrating. Photography is half math, half art and when you are like me – an artist – you find the technical stuff, all the numbers and terms, overwhelming (or boring), and let’s not even mention the camera manual! Who writes this stuff?

If it seems Greek to you, then these are the workshops for you!

Tired of looking up the information on-line?  There is so much information out there it’s easy to become information overloaded! Maybe you’ve tried searching for ‘photography tips’ or learn your camera’ on Google and you read  the articles that came up. Or maybe you’ve looked on Youtube.  All too confusing and complicated.


Well that’s where the whole DEMYSTIFY series will help!

Not only do I offer a way to learn about your camera

I also offer other ways to DEMYSTIFY!

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All DEMYSTIFY classes are held at my studio in Rochester, MN