Three steps to instantly improve your photography – step three

3. Choose Your Subject

Tourists often take a photo of each other with a famous landmark next to or behind them. This can look amateur unless you really know what you’re doing. Imagine someone seeing a photo. They must first determine what the subject of the photo is, and then they can appreciate how well you’ve captured that subject. The problem with the tourist photo is that there are two subjects. The viewer’s eye is drawn between the person and the famous statue (or whatever it is) and it’s never clear which the photo is about.

So you can avoid this by simply getting clear in your mind what your subject is. (Hint: usually it’ll be the person!) So give your friend the starring role in the photo and reduce the statue to a bit part in the background to give it atmosphere. You can still have it in the picture, just make it seem incidental.

Living the country life

Living the country life

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