DEMYSTIFY ~ Your Camera Part I

DEMYSTIFY ~ Your Camera is a basic photography workshop that will give you all the essential camera skills, in a quick and easy-to-understand format. 

This workshop contains casual lecture, hands-on assistance and a field-trip-shoot adventure, and it will help you get control in no time.

In this workshop you’ll get you all the essential skills you need to DEMYSTIFY ~ Your Camera and get off the auto button – in less then 2 hours!


All The Camera Skills You Need!

How to take control of your camera!

Here are the skills you’ll learn in this workshop that you need to DEMYSTIFY ~Your Camera.


  • Learn what a good exposure actually means
  • Learn the Exposure Triangle – ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture, what they are and why they work together
  • And how they change the creative look of your images!
  • Figure out how to control the exposure of your photos, and fix ones that are too bright or too dark
  • Get confident in tricky lighting situations



  • Learn what depth of field is all about
  • And how to get those awesome blurred backgrounds to make your subject “pop” out of the image



  • Find out how to change your settings for the best image quality
  • When to use your Priority buttons and why

For Everyone Who Enjoys Photography!

  • Canon, Nikon, Sony Pentax—it’s all good! This workshop is designed around the fundamentals, and all concepts are taught for all camera users! Everyone is welcome! All you need is a camera that can change the ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed!! Virtually all DSLRs, and most high end point-and-shoot cameras do this. Check your manual to make sure!
  • And it doesn’t matter if you’re a complete beginner—there’s no experience necessary! We’ll guide you through the whole thing, and by the end you won’t believe how much you’ve learned and how confident you’ve become!
  • Every single photographer should know the camera fundamentals, and this workshop will get you there in no time flat!

For everyone who is a little new to his or her Digital SLR, DEMYSTIFY ~Your Camera will make it easy to navigate your equipment. You will feel so much more confident knowing which buttons on your camera are the most important, and which ones you can ignore for now. You will get a step-by-step walk-through of all the settings, and you’ll learn why those settings are important for your subject matter. This is everything you want to know but might be embarrassed to ask.

For experienced photographers DEMYSTIFY ~ your Camera is a good review, especially those who are coming back to photography after a long break and those who are new to Digital SLRs. That being said, anyone with a degree in photography can probably live without it.

What the workshop walks you through:

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO = The Exposure Triangle– Easy to understand instructions, and photos about what they are and how to use them to create a perfectly exposed image!
  • Get Out Of Auto – Learn the ins & outs of taking stand out photos today! If you want to DEMYSTIFY ~ Your Camera and it’s settings to control your own exposures and create your own amazing images this workshop is for you.
  • Love The Light You’re In – Learn how to see and use light to make your images stand out. Discover ways to improve your images by finding alternate sources of light to use in your photos! NO more flash!
  • More Than Manual – This workshop includes tips that will show you how to use the creative program modes (aperture priority, shutter priority) in your camera to change the look of your images.
  • Get Creative – Part of this workshop deals with advanced creative ideas – topics that users of any camera type can use to improve their photos.



                   I guarantee you will be off the auto button in less than two hours!


                                                         You’re gonna love it!



“ I really learned far more today 
(in 2 hours) 
than I did in 3 weeks at 
that PowerPoint Class!” ~Erin

“It’s fun!!! It’s non-judgmental. It’s not technical.” ~ Susan 

“Hands on learning for using your camera and adjusting the settings.  I speak highly of it.” ~ Amber

“Excellent way to spend 2 hours!!  (Dawn is) very knowledgeable and a great teacher!” ~ Sarah

All workshops are $57 unless otherwise noted

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All DEMYSTIFY classes are held at my studio in Rochester, MN