DEMYSTIFY ~ Composition

DEMYSTIFY ~ Composition workshop is an exciting and informative class which will improve the way you make photos from now on!

Tracy and Dave

Go from “lucky” to “I meant that!”

We’ve all made great shots on occasion, but what made them look so much better than all the others?


This question and so much more will be covered in this workshop.

The goal of this workshop is to help you understand the basics of composition and be able to consistently create

well-composed, pleasing images.


If you are frustrated with photo composition, or if you’ve created some great shots and aren’t quite sure what makes them stand out, THIS CLASS IS FOR YOU!



Photography is everywhere, from your facebook photos to magazine covers, but what makes these compelling images? Your subject is critical, but even the most mundane of scenes can be transformed by how you frame your shot (composition) and how you make your subject jump out at your viewer (contrast). In this workshop, we will discover how to produce photos that make our audience stop, observe and reflect on the images we create.

DEMYSTIFY ~ Composition Workshop will help you:

  • See and find compositions quickly
  • Ask yourself important questions
  • Be empowered to visualize the shot first
  • Get it right in the camera first
  • Eliminate clutter and simplify your photo
  • Photograph like a story teller



Anyone who wants to start “making” consistently great photos instead of just “taking” average snapshots.

Everything will be explained in detail and complete enough for a beginner, yet advanced enough to spark excitement in experienced photographers.

The techniques shared in this workshop, once understood and practiced,

will benefit any photographer who is currently frustrated composing images or spending too much time after a shoot “fixing” photo compositions.


  • Composing starts and ends with YOU
  • How do we see?
  • What do we need to locate first?
  • Composition Rules
  • Pre-Composing
  • Putting it all together
  • Checking your composition
  • and much more




Any camera will do. This workshop is about looking, seeing, and thinking through the photo making process. The focus is on the creation and not the camera.

I will show you many images and walk you through the process of composing the shots. We will go and shoot using the techniques learned. I will also challenge you to make images within certain parameters.

The Big Idea is to help you think and see differently while you create beautiful photographs.

We’ll all be growing and sharing our skills together as a community of ‘learning’ photographers.

Whether beginner or seasoned pro, understanding composition is essential and necessary in order to consistently create striking images.


  • Understanding LIGHT
  • Practical use of:  Color, Shape, Lines, Form and Texture
  • Exploration of practical “Rules of Composition” including:

Orientation and the rule of thirds

Leading lines, curves and S-bends

Framing and filling the frame

Perspective and depth of field

Color, shapes and texture


Learn the secret behind compositional elements that will forever change the way you see and shoot!

All workshops are $57 unless otherwise noted

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