DEMYSTIFY ~ Portraits

Say Goodbye to Dull and Lifeless Pictures of People. Learn how to take Portraits with SOUL…


Whether it’s taking pictures of our friends, kids, partners or even ourselves, for a lot of photographers, people are what we’re looking at through the viewfinder (or on the LCD) when we line up a shot.

Yet so many of us struggle to take portraits with the “WOW Factor”.

I love to teach you the secrets of stunning portraiture.

This workshop has been created to do one thing, transform your dull and lifeless pictures of people into beautiful works of art.

This is must-take workshop for anyone aspiring to take portraits with SOUL. Everything from the right gear, to the right aperture, to working with subjects. 


Want to know if this workshop is for You?

I give straight forward explanations and tricks for all skill levels. Anyone wanting to take better portraits will get something out of this workshop.

  • If you’d like to improve the quality of your portraits
  • Don’t want to get bogged down with technical explanations
  • Want to learn from a photographer that has nearly 20 years experience in the business

Do you want to take Portraits with the WOW Factor?

The DEMYSTIFY~ Portraits workshop is filled with portrait photography advice, tips and techniques. 

We will cover topics including:

  • How to bypass portrait mode on your digital camera and get great portraits
  • How to relate to your subjects – make them comfortable in front of the camera
  • Photographing Children
  • Environmental Portraits
  • Posing Tips
  • What to Wear in Portraits
  • Introduction to Portrait Lighting
  • How to get that beautiful bokah (intentional blur) in the background
  • Plus much more!


You are gonna love this workshop!