What are the most important aspects of composing a Fine Art Photograph?

What are the most important aspects of composing
a Fine Art Photograph? 

The answer to this question certainly varies from photographer to photographer because each of us places more importance on some aspects than on others.  What follows is what I personally consider
to be some important aspects of Composition.

1 – Composition is the strongest way of seeing
. This is Edward Weston’s definition of composition. 
2 – Composition is not just the placement of objects in the frame
. Composition also involves using color, contrast and light. 
3 – The goal of composition is to express your vision and your emotional response to the scene
The goal is to create an image that is superior, both expressively and technically. 
4 – What the camera captures is objective.  What the artist’s sees and feels are subjective
5 – Think first about light. 
It’s ALWAYS about the light! 
A photograph is only as good as the light you use. 

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